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Product Features
& Benefits

  • Technology that transforms, design that inspires.
  • Robust and dependable.
  • Display images, play videos, screenshare, and host group calls on Robovisor.
  • Game and share experiences limitlessly.
  • Manage one or multiple robots from a single platform.
  • Connect to your robot from any device, anywhere.

Intuitive Design: Effortlessly adaptable, making it suitable for all age groups.

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Use cases


Training and Auditing

Team training and checklists, as well as audits of standard operational processes and quality, can be conducted remotely.

Health Management

With our platform you can send an invite for remote follow-up consultations with their physicians or therapists, making it easier to address questions or concerns without the need for a physical visit.

Home Monitoring / Vacation Monitoring

When away on vacation, you can use Robovisor to remotely patrol your home, ensuring safety and checking on pets or plants.

Multicultural experience

Students can attend classes in different states or countries, gaining a diverse cultural perspective and becoming better prepared to understand and coexist with various cultures.

Remote Team Engagement

Employees from different units can exchange experiences and thus assist units facing difficulties in filling vacancies, improving service to members. All of this while reducing costs and emissions.

Learning and Education Remote Classes

You can remote request teachers to interact with your child remotely.

Interact with your Pets

You can interact with your pet while traveling or at work can interact with their pets, checking on their well-being and even playing with them.

Home Assistance / Remote DIY Guidance

If facing challenges in DIY tasks at home, you can invite an expert or a knowledgeable friend to guide you through the process via the telepresence robot, offering a more hands-on assistance experience.

Run Surveys from our Robot

From anywhere you are you can run different surveys on the screen of your robot, the answers are saved on a database that you can access later.

This helps you to keep track of someone's mood, health or satisfaction.

About Robovisor 

Robovisor seamlessly bridges physical distances with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that whether for business, education, healthcare, or personal connections, you're always present, engaged, and in the heart of every interaction.

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